ACADIA Landscape + Design, LLC. is a newly formed landscape worker cooperative on Mount Desert Island, Maine. We offer exceptional design-build services in landscape architecture, full-service project management, hardscape installation, custom stonework, and native planting installation.

Our members-owners are licensed and insured landscape professionals who have a deep understanding of Acadia’s natural systems – including the soils, native plants, climate, ecology, and the local community. We incorporate this knowledge into your landscape designs, construction projects, and maintenance programs, to work in making environmentally safe and economically sound decisions for your property.

We provide more than just a “one year plant warranty”, we provide our customers with outstanding craftsmanship and the highest commitment to their landscape project’s long term success.  We have a deep appreciation for the natural environment, we are committed to the highest standards of cooperative ownership and we enjoy the reward that our work directly enhances the quality of people's lives.


A worker co-op is a business entity that is owned and controlled by the people who work in it. Workers own the business together. They invest with a “buy-in” membership after working a probationary period of 18 months. At the end of each year, worker-owners are paid a portion of the money the business makes after expenses. In conventional businesses this money is called profit, in co-ops it's called surplus, and is distributed based on hours worked, seniority, and/or other percentage criteria.


With the emphasis on People before Profit, community service, business participation, and equitable compensation, worker co-ops are a great example of using business as a force for social good. AL+D was specifically developed to meet the needs of local residents who lack the access to sustainable paying jobs or the means for business ownership.

The problem on the island is not only in finding affordable housing, but also in finding good paying jobs with benefits to support downeast families. The landscape industry on MDI is big business. A local workforce is needed to support the employment needs of this landscape market. We aim to fulfill this need and attract talented craftspeople by forming this cooperative.

As a business owned and controlled by it's members, this cooperative will provide a range of benefits directly to their membership. In addition, we hope this landscape cooperative will generate more community wealth, and lead the way towards a healthy island and a thriving, natural landscape company. This co-op will be a leader in the landscape field, in terms of offering quality products and services, in improving local working conditions and social responsibility as well as leaders in environmentally sound landscape practices.

Our owner-members believe that providing worker ownership as a company benefit will increase our employees dedication to the company, improve our work effort, reduce turnover and lead to a culture of leadership, empowerment, and responsibility.  We believe in local employee control and decision making and we trust our employees more than anyone else to carry on the mission and core values of our worker-owned cooperative.




P.O. Box 962
1434 State Highway 102
Bar Harbor, ME  04609

(207) 460-3854


Landscape Architecture
Construction Administration
Native Landscape Specialist
Patios, Walks, Hardscapes
Stonework, Walls, Steps
Planting Installations
Drainage Improvements
Misc Landscape Construction


Bar Harbor
Mount Desert
Northeast Harbor
Southwest Harbor

& beyond for your project!